What our clients’ say about us ...

“Simon Hancock shows meticulous attention to detail. A comprehensive service from beginning to end.”

Dedicated 24 hour Emergency Number

Our team of solicitors are ready for you. We have a Dedicated 24 hour - 365 day Emergency Number.

What our clients’ say about us ...

“Vince Mitchell was superb. Always the professional, thank you.”

What our clients’ say about us ...

“The difference between being acquitted and convicted was Mr Vincent Mitchell’s advocacy skills. I’m so thankful he got me acquitted.”

What our clients’ say about us ...

“I had the same solicitor from beginning to end, always contactable, friendly and understanding.”

Emergency Mobile

07711 342570

Luton, St Albans & Stevenage

01582 414002
" We are always directly contactable by mobile and want you to feel confident that we are here to hold your hand every step of the way. "
Mitchell Solicitors

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